Our revolutionary knowledge management & eDiscovery system keeps all of your files organized and searchable
Never lose another file
50% of documents
In a typical firm, half of documents aren’t centrally accessible
11 hours a week
Lawyers waste half a day per week searching for and
re-creating documents
$ 90,000 a year
A 10-person firm loses $90K a year in wasted time spent searching documents
Let File.one simplify your search process
Give yourself the gift of a central database. Easily connect your sources of file storage to File.one and you’ll be able to search, view and retrieve documents in seconds.

Powerful search engine and machine learning helps you instantly locate any document, even in a database with millions of files.
Connection you crave, instantly. Sync every file, easily
File.one lets you work with data from your cloud, local, network storage
and mail clients in one comprehensive system.
File.one can handle any type of file you send its way
File.one processes files of any size and format, in any language and from any source.
Sync as many files as you want
File.one lets you create as many datasets as you need. Connect Dropbox folders to different  datasets or upload an archive directly from Microsoft Outlook.
Brilliant text recognition built-in
Even when your documents are on paper or a scanned PDF, File One uses Optical Character Recognition to turn them into text and search through them quickly.
Indexing Made Easy
After processing a document, File.one can automatically extract specific data from the text such as emails, names, addresses, or even
dollar amounts.
Find the files you need in the blink of an eye
When you type what you’re looking for, File.one delivers the results you need in milliseconds.
You can create complex, specific search parameters, try different combinations, and add logical operators.
You can add context searches, tags, file attributes, and metadata — even monetary ranges inside documents.
Access all files from one central location.
File.one understands how you think and what you want.
Use File.one to search for emails and attachments
80% of a typical firm’s intellectual property is shared or stored in emails. Even if you forget where
an important document stored, File.one can search through all of your emails and any attached files.
Take back control of your files
Large departments accumulate a massive amount of valuable information daily. With File.one, all of the necessary
documents are collected in a reliable database, where they are  conveniently sorted and stored.
View files directly
To view a document, simply open it
in the browser — no downloading required.
It’s easy to add personal notes and tags right
from File.one.
Fast Predictive analysis  
Thanks to predictive coding technology,
File.one will greatly accelerate the speed at which you are able to analyze large amounts
of unstructured data.
Metadata-based search
You can create your own set of metadata
with which to tag files. Then you can sort files
by time, a search term, document type,
or anything you wish.
Download any document
as a PDF  
Download documents directly from your search results. With one click, File.one can convert emails, Word documents, and every other format to PDF.
Download info
to a spreadsheet
With File.one you can download a search result
as a CSV table with specific columns and quickly insert these assets wherever you need them.
Quickly Review
Create your personal rules and review millions
of documents in seconds. File.one instantly checks millions of files, eliminating wasted time.
Keep your files available wherever you are.
Find the documents you need in the blink of an eye.
Centrally store documents
from different sources in a single secure database

File.one delivers military-grade, HIPPA-compliant security. All files uploaded or downloaded are safeguarded from attacks. Limit access to your account with two-factor authentication, IP address restriction and Microsoft Azure servers.

Spend less time searching and more time creating.
See how predictive coding can work for you.